Safani Gallery Inc.

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Alan Safani

Safani Gallery Inc.
1110 NE 8th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale FL 33304

Safani Gallery Inc. is a third generation art gallery that is part of a multi-generational family business that has discovered, purchased and sold works of art from the ancient cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean basin, Egypt, Greece and Rome. It is the oldest existing art dealership dedicated to ancient art in America. Alan Safani continues this legacy. After pursuing graduate degrees in Ancient Near Eastern and Classical art and archaeology he entered  his father’s business.. He has continued the family tradition of presenting authentic, important and beautiful works of ancient art, but has added the expertise and experience necessary to protect and preserve the history of the past for future generations.

Head of the Venus de Capua
H: 35 cm (13.8 in)
Roman Ca. AD 150

Paul Sarasin Collection. Mr. Sarasin (1856-1920) was one of the founders of the Museum of Natural History and the National Park, Basel, Switzerland.
Certificate by Thomas Lochmann, from the Antiquities Museum in Basel