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Alan Safani

Alan Safani Fine Arts LLC
4020 Galt Ocean Drive
Suite 606
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


Alan Safani belongs to a multi-generational family of dealers, scholars and collectors specializing in ancient, Islamic, and fine arts. Starting with Alan’s grandfather, Dr. Benjamin Mahboubian, who excavated the major sites of Hasanlu and Luristan in Iran in the 1920s and 1930s, the family business spread to Paris and London with Benjamin’s nephews and sons. After WWII, Benjamin’s son-in-law, Edward Safani arrived at Ellis Island and established Safani Gallery in New York. Alan’s fascination with art started in his childhood when he visited his father’s gallery where he could ask about the unusual and beautiful objects exhibited in his father’s show cases.

This fascination continued as Alan decided to become an art historian, attending graduate school at the IFA in New York where he studied ancient art, modern art, Islamic art, art law and art conservation. After graduate school Alan decided to enter the family business. Eventually, Alan launched his father’s gallery business into the world of international art fairs, exhibiting at all the major international fairs including the Winter Antiques Show, BRAFA, Tefaf Maastricht, Tefaf NY, Masterpiece and Frieze Masters.

Alan Safani has now entered a new and exciting phase of his career, offering clients unparalleled experience and advice on purchasing museum level works of art in all categories. Born into the trade, educated as an art historian, and involved in over seventy-five international art fairs, Alan has become an expert in every skill that is required to assist collectors in acquisitions of major art works – connoisseurship, authentication, provenance research, transport, lighting, presentation, research, and preservation. His network of art professionals is worldwide and consists of a select group of experienced and knowledgeable experts who have worked with Alan in the past.

The art world is a complex and complicated environment. Navigating through it demands a high level of proficiency with a multiplicity of skill sets. It requires experience, knowledge and integrity.

Our mission is to provide our clients the best available art vetted by the best available experts.

Head of the Venus de Capua
H: 35 cm (13.8 in)
Roman ca. 150 A.D.

Paul Sarasin Collection. Mr. Sarasin (1856-1920) was one of the founders of the Museum of Natural History and the National Park, Basel, Switzerland.
Certificate by Thomas Lochmann, from the Antiquities Museum in Basel