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Cultural Property News
Cultural Property News covers national and international news affecting the art world,from in-depth research and reports on art and cultural policy to articles on museums, exhibits, the art market, media, education, technology, archaeology, anthropology, and scientific discoveries. Cultural Policy News is sponsored by the Committee for Cultural Policy (CCP),  a US non-profit organization established to strengthen the public dialogueon arts policy.
Cultural Property News is, like IADAA, also devoted to facts and will help you to get answers to many cultural property questions and to get your facts right:

Connoisseurship, Collectors and Museums
James Ede former Chairman of IADAA has given a lecture on the occasian of the Brussels Ancient Art Fair BAAF 2014. It is titled Connoisseurship, Collectors and Museums. You can watch it directly here:

Who draws the Borders of Culture?
New York Times, May 4th, 2010On May 4th, 2010 Michael Kimmelman wrote an article on the Elgin marbles. He wonders whether their impact would be greater at the new museum near the Acropolis as it has been at the British Museum for centuries.
Here you will find the article.