Galerie Jürgen Haering

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Jürgen Haering

Galerie Jürgen Haering
Marienstrasse 13
79098 Freiburg

T 49 (0) 761 253 30
M 49 (0) 175 243 7489
F 49 (0) 761 292 7425
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The Jürgen Haering gallery situated in the historic centre of Freiburg, was established in 1974 and specialises in Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities as well as artefacts from important cultures of the ancient Near East. The wide range of diverse items within the collection ensures an equally wide
range of clients, from museums and professional collectors as well as aficionados with a more modest budget. All objects, regardless of price, are rigorously examined and come with a guarantee of authenticity.

As a result of decades of experience, the gallery has evolved contacts with experts, museums and collectors from around the world, and participates in the important trade fairs, such as BAAF-Brussels and BAAF-Basel. The gallery is also a member of the Bundesverband des Deutschen Kunst-
und Antiquitätenhandels (BDKA), the Conféderation Internationale des Négociants an Oeuvre d’Art (CINOA) and the IADAA.

On either side of the shoulder two confronting sphinxes.
Below animal frieze with mountain goats, panthers, deer and waterbird.
fired clay
height: 65 cm
Etrusco-Corinthian, early 6th C. B.C.
Provenance: Private collection Switzerland, since the 1970s.