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James Ede

Charles Ede Ltd.
1 Three Kings' Yard
London W1K 4JP
United Kingdom

T 44 (0) 207 493 4944
F 44 (0) 207 491 2548
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Charles Ede Ltd is a leading London-based gallery in the field of Ancient Art. Charles Ede was the founder of the Folio Society, a famous publishing house (1947). A subsidiary, Folio Fine Art, started offering antiquities in 1959, but in 1972 Charles Ede sold the business in order to be able to concentrate solely on ancient art, and established a new gallery under his own name in Brook Street. Since that time, the company has published over 300 catalogues and participates regularly in the major international art fairs.

James Ede, who joined his father in the business on leaving Oxford in 1977 has been Managing Director since 1986. He has served as Chairman of IADAA and been a board member since the founding of the Association. He has served on advisory panels for the British Government and is a valuer for the Portable Antiquities Scheme. He is the official valuer for the Commonwealth of Australia and a member of the council of the British Art Market Federation.

The gallery specializes in antiquities from the Mediterranean area, in particular items from the Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations.

The gallery has a policy of only offering provenanced items of high quality. In addition to numbering major private collectors among its clientelle, the gallery has long-standing relationships with all the major museums and is proud to have supplied large numbers of antiquities to University teaching collections.

Roman statue of Venus Victrix
1st-2nd century AD
Height 94.5 cm

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