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Dr. Jerome M. Eisenberg

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Jerome M. Eisenberg, Ph.D., the co-founder in 1942 and the director of Royal-Athena Galleries, New York, has specialized in ancient art for over 60 years.  His many publications on antiquities and classical numismatics span over five decades.  Since 1968 he has concentrated on expertise in the ancient arts and has lectured on this subject at New York University and as a visiting professor at the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the University of Leipzig, and presented a number of papers at international congresses. Since 1954 he has made over 270 overseas trips, purchasing over forty thousand antiquities for many tens of millions of dollars.  He has sold over 800 works of ancient art to museums worldwide.  In June 2012 he was awarded the Star of Italy by the President of the Republic of Italy for having provided a meaningful contribution to the prestige of Italy in his many publications on Etruscan and Roman art and as founder and editor-in-chief for twenty years of Minerva, the international review of ancient art and archaeology.

Large statue of a royal lady striding on a rectangular base, the surface of the statue with remains of gesso and traces of pigment.
Height: 60.3 cm. (23 3/4 in.)
Egypt, Later Ptolemaic period, 2nd-1st Century BC.

Ex collection of Jan van der Werff (1901-1988), Delft, acquired ca. 1950s, thence by descent.