Galerie l'Etoile d'Ishtar

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Didier Wormser

Galerie l'Etoile d'Ishtar
11 Rue des Beaux Arts
F-75006 Paris

T 33 146 33 83 55
F 33 143 29 86 25
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Located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Etoile d’Ishtar Gallery mainly specializes in archeological works of art from the mediterranean basin, Near Eastern ancient art and most particularly from the pharaonic Egypt.
Didier Wormser, graduate of the Ecole du Louvre and museologie, official expert of French committee of national french Custom, member of the C.N.E and also from « société française d’ égyptologie » presents an important selection of pieces combining historical interest, esthetic research and plastic delectation.

Ring with a steatite glazed scarab and lapis lazuli inlay.
Gold, lapis lazuli, glazed steatite.
Size: 2,3 cm
Egypt, New Kingdom, 1550-1069 B.C.

Provenance: Hugh Algermon Percy, 10th Duke of Northumberland.
Published on the 21/04/1975.