Galerie Tarantino

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Antoine Tarantino

Galerie Tarantino
38, Rue Saint Georges
75009 Paris

Located in the “New Athens” area of Paris, next to the neo-classical Church of Notre Dame de Lorette, Antoine Tarantino owns his gallery, where he has cultivated a passion for both Antiquities and Baroque art for several years. He evokes the Italian taste, with classical antiquities alongside Old Masters. These specialties complement each other well, and their attractive association is the distinctive mark of the Galerie Tarantino.
Greek vases, Greco-roman sculpture and intaglios are selected for their quality and rarity in accordance with the IADAA code of conduct concerning authenticity and provenance.

Terracotta pyxis.
Beige terracotta
Height 15,5 cm
Greek, Geometric, end 8th c B.C.